Fuck Facebook.

Fuck Mark Zuckerberg.

Ruining the internet. Ruining the world.
6:02 pm — Thursday, 1 June 2017
DFWC Sandy Vagina Club:

6:05 pm — Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hehheh... Hello John :^)

7:53 pm — Thursday, 1 June 2017
Fuck Facebook, Fuck Gurman, Fuck Trupm, Fuck Everyone .. great site ya got here (((Gruber)))
10:14 pm — Thursday, 1 June 2017
To Be Fair:
So, Facebook is a no-go, but Twitter is perfectly OK?

(Note: I don't support either Facebook or Twitter, and think they should both go out of business)
11:43 pm — Thursday, 1 June 2017
This is your classic "anti-Facebook screed by someone who has only a passing familiarity with Facebook". Perfect for Gruber, and the rest of the twitterverse to link to and pat each other on the back about.

Re: #1: "I don’t know what your privacy settings are." Well pro tip, you can see the publicness of any post on Facebook so you can find out. It's called "letting people control their privacy on a post-by-post basis, and it's a feature not a bug. I might want to share a post with just myself, or ONLY a subset of my friends, or ALL of my friends, or ALL of my friends and their friends, but not the entire world, or I might want to make it completely PUBLIC. Facebook offers me that level of control on each post, and then it tells you what I selected on the post itself, so you can know before sharing it/linking to it from your site/etc.

#2 is just hyperbole wrapped in scaremongering. Facebook would be nothing without the rest of the web, and I guarantee you there is no one there who wants to end the open web. For all their efforts to create, Instant Articles, for example, even there publishers were required to have their own website, they were adding it to Facebook's infrastructure only IN ADDITION to including it on Facebook's (so as to offer a superior experience for Facebook users within the mobile app). Facebook INSISTED on things being on the open web even if you were trying to get people to access it from within their faster walled garden.

#3. Yeah, everything might go to of business. Your web host might go out of business. Medium might go out of business. Point being? Facebook also offers the ability to download all your stuff from it in one go, so if it looks like they're going under, maybe take advantage of that feature.

John's #3: I agree, no search indexing IS annoying. Facebook doesn't even offer you the ability to search your own posts. It's very annoying. I'd like it if they did allow indexing by google or whatever if they're not going to do it themselves. But this is, arguably, yet another "feature not a bug" situation. Many people clamp down their privacy on Facebook and ABSOLUTELY do not want you to be able to google what they said on the platform under any circumstances. Facebook has "help" articles which explain that "public posts might be indexed by search engines" even though I don't know of this happening, they warn people that it COULD happen, and if you are concerned by that advise you to use a less public privacy setting for your posts.

Ultimately what this comes down to is people who bet on the wrong horse (Twitter) are are bitter that their thing is the one that sucks balls and is more likely to go out of business, so they have just doubled down on "I'm not on Facebook" as being part of their identity. And evidence, facts, and rationality doesn't enter into it. Their mind is made up, they don't know much about it but they know enough to know they hate it and everything about it is evil. Sigh. No one hates twitter more than I do, and even I have a twitter account. How would I be able to fairly assess it if I couldn't actually use it like a normal user might? Sheesh.
2:06 pm — Friday, 2 June 2017
No wonder you hate Twitter so much. I don’t think you could order a Coke in 140 characters.
7:31 pm — Friday, 2 June 2017
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