tldr: other people have different opinions that are more substantial and substantiated than mine.
8:48 am — Wednesday, 14 June 2017
Groober the Booger:
>Nobody outside Apple cares as much about iPad as he does.


Nobody outside of Apple is a more obnoxious sycophant than Viticci.

If the iPad had a dick, Viticci would suck it 24/7.
3:14 pm — Wednesday, 14 June 2017
"I don’t agree with the notion that a $650 computer should be your “main computer” at all. Apple stuff isn’t for the budget-conscious — news at 11."

tl;dr : "Fuck you, lower classes"
7:03 pm — Wednesday, 14 June 2017
I just got one of these (10.5" iPad Pro, wifi, 64 GB base model) because I was using an ancient one (2012) with a cracked screen. Ultimately, it just feels like a really nice iPad. It's faster and the screen is slightly better and the speakers are better. But there's nothing particularly special about it and not much that's fundamentally different from the 2012 model. For the price, I don't think it's a particularly good value. If it were $250 cheaper, I'd feel differently.

The 4x3 aspect ratio still sucks for watching modern video and movies because the active area is equivalent to only a 7"-8" screen at best, most of the pixels are wasted.
9:15 pm — Wednesday, 14 June 2017
Q*Bert I really think you should have bought a normal ipad. If you're not using the pencil I really don't see the point of paying the money.
1:27 pm — Saturday, 17 June 2017
spot on, if you're not using the pencil then a normal one is fine. apple don't seem to have worked that out yet.
1:54 pm — Monday, 19 June 2017
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