Rather have a second lightning port, imagine the possibilities.
1:04 am — Wednesday, 10 August 2016
None of these things are "features."

Time yet to call for Tim Cook to be demoted back to COO?
1:49 am — Wednesday, 10 August 2016
That’s a dodge around the fact that Gurman apparently does not know what sort of ear buds (if any) Apple is including in the box.

Oh fuck off Gruber. It must really chap his ass that Gurman gets real scoops.

Gruber spent multiple articles covering every single possible outcome regarding the ear buds so he doesn't know shit. A lot less than Gurman does.

Watch Gruber come back after release and say he was right with one of his many predictions regarding the ear buds.

What a fucking dicknose.
2:17 am — Wednesday, 10 August 2016
iPhone 7 sounds terrible
4:47 am — Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Assuming all this is true (and I would remind you that Gurman's track record isn't 100 percent), this would lead me to believe that the big innovation in the iPhone 7 will be under the hood.

I have zero problem with the iPhone 7 essentially being another "s" model based on the iPhone 6 is we get a serious boost in graphics power, speed, and camera tech. As others have pointed out, the smartphone as a product category has matured, and there aren't going to be many more (if any more) "holy cow" changes. This is a truism of all other products at some point, we're seeing it again here. The competition has been very "meh" in terms of whiz-wow features for the past several years/iterations as well.

It has been most amusing to watch the people who complained that Apple was too focused on thinness in the iPhone now gracelessly pivot to bitching that the new one is too similar.
7:06 am — Wednesday, 10 August 2016
So Apple apparently learned nothing from the reception of the Macbook's singular USB-C port, and has decided that the single Lightning port is the way to go on the iPhone...which leads to the question "How will I use my headphones and charge my phone simultaneously?"

Be on the lookout for a $80 dongle from Apple because dongles are "freeing".
3:14 pm — Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Maybe Apple did learn something from the MacBook:

If they learned their lessons from the angry internet mobs, they'd still be shipping computers with floppy drives, DVD drives, and VGA ports.
7:09 pm — Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Not everyone cares about lots of ports. In fact, most people don't. I have a Macbook Pro. Ii use a Thunderbolt port to plug it into an external display. Ii sometimes use a USB device of some sort. I've never used the SD card reader, and I rarely use the HDMI port because we have Apple TVs in conference rooms. I think I could get by just fine without ports.
12:16 am — Thursday, 11 August 2016
Just a pair of uneven scrotal sacs:
DisplayPort 1.4 and Thunderbolt 3 will use USB-C.

So you can use the one USB-C port for power, display and data. Apple will finally achieve port singularity.

I'm assuming the delay in Apple releasing the new MacBook Pro is because of the mass collective engorged chubby infliction the engineers have been experiencing since they managed to collapse all functions on the MacBook to a singular USB-C port. Things will move once they collectively recover as the chubbies recede...
4:16 am — Thursday, 11 August 2016
There's no good reason to remove all of the ports other than aesthetics.

If you look at the internals of the MacBook, the motherboard is the size of a postcard. The speakers on either side of the keyboard are attached via wires. Why can't the same approach be done and a "port board" be stuck on the side - basically an internal dongle.

I'd rather trade 30 minutes of battery power for having everything built in, rather than having to buy ANOTHER expensive dongle that I'll either lose or won't be usable on the next generation of the product.
4:02 pm — Friday, 12 August 2016
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