Gruber really has a love/hate boner for The Verge.
8:01 pm — Saturday, 3 September 2016
Android is intriguing on this thing. I'd probably wait for second gen but no doubt this is innovative. Windows is getting better at touch but navigating Explorer and old settings windows is still painful.
3:00 pm — Sunday, 4 September 2016
One Hung Low:
Yeah - I've looked at the HP Spectre since my MBA is getting up there and I'm not going to upgrade to the stalemate that's currently for sale, nor will I upgrade to anything as retarded as the MB, but Windows 10 is holding me back...Win 8 was an abortion, and Win 7 just seems old...so I don't know what to do...

And don't suggest Linux - the desktop experience for any release or distribution is a pile of ass.
1:10 am — Monday, 5 September 2016
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