> My question is simple. Why is Google doing this?

Because they're Google, that's why. They simply feel that they have a God-given right to your information and they'll do anything to get at it. And they don't give a flying fuck about privacy because they are socially and morally bankrupt. Fuckers.

But it's OK because now Apple are in the game, too. They're using your download history to personalise sponsorships. If Apple keep it to themselves, then maybe it doesn't matter, but sadly I doubt they will, because history pretty clearly shows that once companies start collecting information and going down this path, they seldom come back.
10:00 pm — Friday, 21 October 2016
I am not surprised, but I am depressed. Has Google spent any time figuring out an alternative revenue stream, like Apple has? Something that doesn't rely on compromising the security and privacy of millions of people? You think I LIKE using Duck Duck Go?
11:44 pm — Friday, 21 October 2016
While it clearly doesn't play well with those who like to believe 'using the internet' and 'privacy' belong in the same sentence, if you're using a Google service who do you really have to blame but yourself if the company uses this information to *gasp* target advertising?

If you live in Texas you accept that quite a few people in your community will own guns. If you live in Japan you accept that the police may hold you for up to 21 days without charge. If you use gmail, youtube or Google search then you accept that what you see will be recorded, analysed and used to try and tempt you out of hard currency. <shrug> There are alternatives to every Google service for anyone who cares to Yahoo/Bing search for a few seconds.
12:51 am — Saturday, 22 October 2016
Donald Clinton:
Fuck Google.
4:53 am — Saturday, 22 October 2016
I personally prefer to see personalized ads. I don't use female underwear, I don't buy female underwear, I don't want to see ads for female underwear.

And I don't care if these ads are served by Google or DoubleClick or by Gmail or Facebook or any other engine - I don't want to see them.

OTOH, today personalized ads are not smart enough: the fact that I visited Palermo last year does not mean that I am interested in flight and hotel deals to Palermo for the next 12 months non-stop; more likely, I will be glad to choose another destination for my next vacation. If I bought Pampers 4 years ago, I should probably be served ads for child bicycles, not same Pampers again and again.
8:13 am — Sunday, 23 October 2016
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