gruber circlejerk:
> People are pointing to this as proof that Tim Cook doesn’t care about the Mac, because he thinks everybody should just switch to an iPad Pro. But here’s the thing, in Apple lingo, the Mac is not a “PC”. A “PC” is a personal computer that runs Windows or Linux or whatever.


Holy shit what a Cook Cock Gobbler we're witnessing here.
2:47 am — Tuesday, 1 November 2016
Gruber cannot possibly be making this argument.
2:59 am — Tuesday, 1 November 2016
Fuckign Gruberstein must be getting HUGE checks from Apple for writing all this fucking bullshit.

Cook's indefensible. He's a fucking bean counter. He's a glorified idiot with no vision of any kind.

Just read his interviews... he's a boring idiot. He worships RFK. His favorite book, that he reads all the time, is the biography of RFK!

How fucking dull do you have to be to be as interesting as Tim Cook? Apparently, very dull.
3:24 am — Tuesday, 1 November 2016
>Macs are not PCs

ahahahaha... gruber's so fucking sad
3:38 am — Tuesday, 1 November 2016
> You can argue the sorry state of the Mac hardware lineup is proof that Cook doesn’t properly value the Mac. If this goes on much longer, it’s an unavoidable conclusion.

Uh no, you can make that conclusion right now. Or two years ago. Funny how Gruber says "much longer" without specifying how long, basically trying desperately to give Apple as much time as possible so no one can call them out because he, the Grubster, arbitrarily deemed it not quite long enough yet.
7:06 am — Tuesday, 1 November 2016
QBert, came to post the same thing. How much longer is too long? He is, at least, admitting that the hardware lineup is "sorry"...even if that wasn't his intention.
1:56 pm — Tuesday, 1 November 2016
>"Yes, the iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people"

So here Cook is exclusively referring to Wintel notebooks and desktops, *[right](https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Awww.apple.com+notebook+OR+desktop)...*
8:40 pm — Tuesday, 1 November 2016
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