So you can charge your Android phone with the included power adapter, but not an iPhone. Excellent work, Apple.
5:00 pm — Sunday, 27 November 2016
A Trained Chimp:
"Adam Georgetown"
5:49 pm — Sunday, 27 November 2016
gruber circlejerk:
Hey, I found one positive MacBook Pro commentary from some nobody that works at Groupon! Better post it!
5:58 pm — Sunday, 27 November 2016
Vanilla Dry Ice:
What the fuck is a power user anyway?
6:01 pm — Sunday, 27 November 2016
Fore every positive review of MBP, there's 100 negative ones.

Gruber only posts positive ones and when he linked to a neg one, he wrote paragraphs defending it.

New MBP is garbage.
6:18 pm — Sunday, 27 November 2016
A Trained Chimp:
Yeah okay, you hate the new MacBook Pro, we get it. But people, focus. "Adam Georgetown." This used to be a place where we could gleefully make fun of Gruber for his drunken mistakes. We can get uninformed, pointless bitching about Apple products anywhere on the internet. Let's remember what makes DFWC special.
6:49 pm — Sunday, 27 November 2016
fuckin' name:
>Fore every positive review of [product], there's 100 negative ones.

That's how this review game usually works, get used to id. People that are okay have no incentive to write good reviews, while butthurt people want to went their butthurt. Just look at any comment section for proof.
7:23 pm — Sunday, 27 November 2016
To Be Fair:
@A Trained Chimp:

We need to make DFwC great again!
8:55 pm — Sunday, 27 November 2016
Even if you accept that USB-C ports are more flexible, and I think I can, you've still got the fact that they're less convenient to use, and there are simply fewer of them than would be needed to accommodate all of the connectivity (power, SD, HDMI, two USB, two Thunderbolt) in the previous gen notebook.

Also, last night I charged my iPhone while playing a game, with headphones on ...
12:48 pm — Monday, 28 November 2016
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