NY Times is fucking garbage now. After they were bought by that Mexican Slim, they became mouthpieces for propaganda. They're now "fake news".

FUCK'EM! Hope they go bankrupt.

11:30 pm — Friday, 9 December 2016
"took the buyout"

More 20-something SJWs to trample on the grave of a once great newspaper.

A few months ago, they advertised a new job: Gender Editor. No print responsibilities. Non Union.

The name of the game is outrage clickbait to grind out ad impressions.

And maybe a little more "native advertising" for highbrow brands.

Maybe Google, like Facebook, will get in the game of paying them to use new media platforms like they've been doing with Facebook Live.

In any case. Trying to find good information is a clusterfuck these days. Look at all of us, whinging in DFwC!
7:04 am — Saturday, 10 December 2016
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