Daring Hemorrhoid:
Let it go, childish Liberal. Go suck on a pacifier for the next 8 years.
11:16 pm — Saturday, 10 December 2016
"According to the CIA's report, all U.S. intelligence experts agree that Iraq is seeking nuclear weapons. There is little question that Saddam Hussein wants to develop nuclear weapons." Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) - Congressional Record, October 9, 2002[84]
11:30 pm — Saturday, 10 December 2016
Derangement is right.

Take a break, Gruber. You need it. Come back balanced, refreshed and focused on Apple.
11:36 pm — Saturday, 10 December 2016
Daring Hemorrhoid:
Why not blame China? China would be more interested in destabilizing US-Russian relations than Russia would. Russia already had both sides of the ball in the US. Remember they donated a shit ton to the Clintons.

Plus, they're inscrutable. The Chinese, that is. For all anyone knows they've been funding political correctness for years.
11:41 pm — Saturday, 10 December 2016

AHHAHAHA... these fucking libtards just can't fucking deal with the reality.
11:55 pm — Saturday, 10 December 2016
Why no mention of Hillary Clinton and how she was also convinced that Iraq had WMD's?

As a senator she did in fact vote to invade Iraq based on her belief that Iraq had WMD's.

2:38 am — Sunday, 11 December 2016
Daring Hemorrhoid:
Gruber is a host, just like poor Bernard.
6:19 am — Sunday, 11 December 2016
Obama to the UK before the Brexit vote (about UK/US trade): "Leave the EU and you go to the back of the queue." So nothing suspicious there then. (Backfired anyway.)
5:51 pm — Sunday, 11 December 2016
I don't get the complaints from Republican side on this matter. Why the heck would you just brush it aside as a "libtard" thing? Shouldn't this be a bigger concern to the people with traditional American conservative value? Based on the evidence so far this at least definitely requires a thorough investigation so that Russia cannot get involved in elections in the future. This is a critical portion of "Making America Great Again".
7:28 pm — Sunday, 11 December 2016
Going Going Gone!:
If it's a secret CIA report, why is it all over the news?

What good is reacting to the report going to do? Either Russia something or not. If Trump says he doesn't believe it he has leverage over Russia and the CIA. If Trump says he believes it then he says that his election is not legitimate.

Someone tried to trap Trump, and he fucked them. Good for Donald, he's smarter than the libtards expect him to be.
5:18 pm — Monday, 12 December 2016
Trusting the CIA is worse than trusting Gruber as a political blogger.

10:37 pm — Monday, 12 December 2016
You have to be deranged to do either.
10:37 pm — Monday, 12 December 2016
Repent & Believe :
Trust the folks that can't keep a top secret report SECRET. Sounds great.
12:18 pm — Tuesday, 13 December 2016
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