To Be Fair:
This Storyworth thing seems to be specifically designed to destroy relationships.
12:40 am — Saturday, 24 December 2016
The gift of weekly spam in my loved one's inboxes? Where do I sign?
12:43 am — Saturday, 24 December 2016
Hairy Lime:
It doubles nicely as a way to find answers to all those security questions, too. Tell us about your favorite pets! Your first car! Your high school! Your best friend! Tell us about your mom before she married your dad!
1:12 am — Saturday, 24 December 2016
I feel like any company stupid enough to pay for DF sponsorship deserves to go out of business
2:17 am — Saturday, 24 December 2016
this company has paid for daringfireball sponsorship in the past, so perhaps it's positive ROI?
7:07 pm — Saturday, 24 December 2016
I went to Drexel University and I am a fucking bell end.
4:26 am — Tuesday, 27 December 2016
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