Dafuq this got to do with a tech blog, or nascent political blog for that matter? DF is circling the drain.
3:28 am — Saturday, 7 January 2017
This should be a 'claim chowder' but I guess John likes the guy or himself lies about his age.

Either way this nonsense-news bullshit is the new DF.

Sponsors please sign up.
4:07 am — Saturday, 7 January 2017
To Be Fair:
>The thing about pathological liars is that they don’t care about their web of lies adding up or making sense as a complete story. It’s simply about manufactured drama.

Oh, is that "the thing" about pathological liars," John? And it's just that simple, eh?

I never knew Gruber was a psychiatrist.
12:14 am — Sunday, 8 January 2017
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