Mac Pro is Dead:
> Consumer Reports is an irresponsible organization that rushed to publish its faulty MacBook Pro results before Christmas only to be caught and have to backtrack. I don’t trust a word these people say about anything.

Jim Dalrymple, everybody.
11:45 pm — Thursday, 12 January 2017
Clickbait, pure and simple.

1:27 am — Friday, 13 January 2017
> This makes it sound like CR found a problem with the batteries. They didn’t.

Fucking come on Gruber.

A software problem led to terrible battery life. Apple fixed the problem, which improved battery life.

"New Apple software fixes a battery issue" is a totally reasonable thing to say in this situation.
4:27 am — Friday, 13 January 2017
My Optional Name:
>"New Apple software fixes a battery issue" is a totally reasonable thing to say in this situation.

No, no it's not. Not at all.
6:07 pm — Friday, 13 January 2017
I think the problem is because CR's self-claimed position as the unbiased reviewer of products using criteria relevant to real consumers. The bug is on Apple but CR's testing procedure not very realistic nor did CR's handling of an odd result credible. No regular customer will keep browsing the internet with the caching off and as result CR's finding was widely inconsistent and questionable from the beginning compared to other reviews and yet they went ahead with it when there are other reviews to compare the results with.

Sometimes we do get valuable information from reviewers with technical knowledge who spend time to find faults when most other reviewers miss it. For instance recently Anandtech and XDA were somewhat negative of an Android phone that everyone else loved. But in this case we have two of most technically competent sites going against the rest so there was a legitimate reason to take their opinion seriously. If anything CR is the opposite of Anandtech in terms of reviewing computers and other high tech products, with questionable competence in the area and this was a good example of it.

Was it Apple's fault? Absolutely. But CR's incompetence and the shortcoming in their process were highlighted and the fact they decided to throw in a rating without investigating deeper makes their tests look more dubious.
6:16 pm — Friday, 13 January 2017
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