>I wonder who brought this complaint to the FTC — Apple, Qualcomm’s competitors, or both?

I wouldn't be surprised. From Fosspatents:

"The KFTC decision had mentioned parties that participated in the proceedings, and they included Samsung, Apple, and Intel."

It may stand to reason the same companies that participated in the suit in Korea would do the same in the USA. Although Apple is the only named company in the FTC suit, it has been redacted a bit. So we may not know until its over.

These suits show why FRAND practices can be important.

2:37 am — Wednesday, 18 January 2017
Never mind. Intel and Samsung are mentioned very specifically. Along with "redacted".


The intellectual property rights policies of relevant SSOs do not restrict who is eligible to receive a FRAND license from a holder of a FRAND-encumbered patent....

...Qualcomm has consistently refused to license its SEPs to competing suppliers of baseband processors. Several of Qualcomm’s former and current competitors, including Intel, "redacted" , and Samsung,
2:46 am — Wednesday, 18 January 2017
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