Remove ports and raise prices. I guess it really works!
10:53 pm — Tuesday, 31 January 2017
It doesn't surprise me that iPad sales are down.

A five year old iPad still works fine for doing basic shit like watching videos online, email, basic web stuff, etc. Which is what most people use them for.

Their computers are overpriced. But there is always a pent up demand for a refresh of macs from the base of users.

All of that being said, Apple is clearly a phone company now. iPhone is what makes all of the money.

Apple hands-down make some of the best phones money can buy. The chips they design combined with the phone software and case design and other related hardware is hard to beat.

Unless people like the customization allowed by Android. I tell people to just get an iPhone.

Same with tablets. Apple makes a great tablet. They last forever and work great. Lasting forever is a blessing and a curse for Apple.

With computers they have lost their way a bit. I can't recommend over-paying for an Apple computer anymore.

The difference between a Windows and MacOS is negligible for most people these days. For most people, I say save the money, buy a decent Windows laptop or desktop and then spend the leftovers on an iPad or iPhone or anything else like a monitor, desk, another monitor. Whatever.
1:53 am — Wednesday, 1 February 2017
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