I don't want to touch the game controllers at a kiosk let alone put on a nasty VR headset that has been on some greasy lice infested head of a complete animal who hasn't showered in days.

Your face is one of the dirtiest parts of your body. I would never demo one of those things. Gruber should fuck off too. It's early in the VR space, Apple is indeed missing it and will likely come out with something really popular eventually.
8:52 pm — Wednesday, 8 February 2017
VR is still too much of a niche and it'll be better for Apple to work on a product that'll be more mainstream instead of releasing something quickly just to not to miss the market.
8:59 pm — Wednesday, 8 February 2017
yeah, and that's exactly what they're doing. all the jackasses that said they 'missed the boat' were, in fact, jackasses.
5:28 pm — Thursday, 9 February 2017
John Rodham Gruber:
>The scaling back of Facebook’s first big retail push for VR

How was this a "retail push for VR" if there is no actual Oculus retail product for sale? These were clearly demo booths to show off concept technology. There was no "retail push."
11:33 am — Saturday, 11 February 2017
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