Not Anonymous:
Nothing would have saved Vesper.
7:08 am — Monday, 13 February 2017
7:52 am — Monday, 13 February 2017
President Donald. J. Fuckfaceofaperson:
Mac App Store is a complete failure. Period.

What a colossal waste of time and resources on Apple's part, lest they fix the fucking piece of shit boondoggle that it is.

If Apple is trying to portray the Mac/App Store as NOT DEAD, then they are doing a piss poor job of it.

As I tell anyone new that I meet: "Do not put your app on the Mac App Store."
5:55 pm — Monday, 13 February 2017
> Mac App Store is a complete failure. Period.

And the sandboxing and API restrictions keep the class of application out that people want to use Mac OS for. Rogue Amoeba's apps being a great example.

Even Panic had to pull Coda, and many heavyweight never went there to begin with.

Interestingly, Microsoft is inching in the same direction. They want that 30% of everything slice too, and to kill Win32 backwards compatibility.. They just announced "Windows 10 Cloud", which can run on ARM and will only run "Universal Windows Platform" apps purchased their Microsoft's App Store.

You can see Apple trying to pull that kind of shit too, so I hope Microsoft's attempt fails hard first
7:08 pm — Monday, 13 February 2017
@ Not Anonymous

"Nothing would have saved Vesper"

While certainly true and a funny dig, as Vesper was an overpriced iOS app that offered nothing special.

The only way to sideload apps on iOS is to jailbrake and that is so few people. Very far out in the tail of number of users.
10:08 pm — Monday, 13 February 2017
I'm in the minority but I really like using the App Store and if there's an App Store version, I'm more likely to purchase an item. I appreciate having a single point of access to all updates and redownload, as well as ease of uninstall when needed.

[Also after what Adobe did](https://arstechnica.com/apple/2016/02/warning-bug-in-adobe-creative-cloud-deletes-mac-user-data-without-warning/) I even began to warm up to the idea of sandbox as well. There are obviously apps that require full access but otherwise I'm sticking to the app store as much as possible.
12:08 am — Tuesday, 14 February 2017
John Rodham Gruber:
>Nothing would have saved Vesper.

It might have done OK if they had bothered to finish the Mac version. But Gruber was too busy fussing about some stupid font face and that Brent Simmons idiot was too busy over-engineering some Azure-based sync system (instead of just using iCloud or Dropbox).
10:07 am — Tuesday, 14 February 2017
Patrick Henry, the 2nd:
That Mac App Store blows. I'd love to put my App on there but because of all the dumb rules, I won't.
6:47 pm — Tuesday, 14 February 2017
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