>[we] need developers to be able to generate sustainable revenue for apps.

Here's a product with a zero marginal cost to sell more units. Still, developers are complaining. Maybe -- I don't know -- try selling the app to more people?
9:28 pm — Tuesday, 21 February 2017
> Here's a product with a zero marginal cost to sell more units.

Did you read Gruber's point? Arment worked on version 3 for at least a year, and that's needed to actually get a stable revenue by keeping the subscriptions going. The cost might be marginal, but that does not translate in any revenue if you effectively sell no more.

I am a user of Overcast, and version 3 is a great improvement. Gruber is totally right: it feels the same, yet it's improved in many many different ways.
10:09 pm — Tuesday, 21 February 2017
As an original purchaser of Overcast, and then a supporter for a bit of the subscription model, I have a few comment about Overcast....

1. It is a STRONG argument for the need of the app store to have a paid upgrade model. The anonymous poster here assumes that the client base for strong podcast client customers is always increasing - it is not. A subscription model for a podcast client is also not sustainable. This must be a product that can sustain paid upgrades.

2. To think that a developers job is done when the product ships is bullshit. With the rapid advance of iOS, a developer needs to CONTINUOUSLY update their apps - case in point all the abandoned 32 bit apps that will no longer operate in iOS 11, or the hundreds of deprecated and then cancelled API calls that MUST be replaced with more modern ones, or the UI changes in iOS 7... The job of a developer never ends, and with no upgrade revenue model but a forced upgrade development cycle, the current app store is untenable...

3. While all this is true, the lack of responses to my continuing issues with Overcast 2 and CarPlay forced me to abandon it for a while (I chose Castro). I am now trying out version 3.0 and we will see how it goes. Hopefully the new model of feedback and response that is being introduced in 10.3 (which is also introducing the "Abandoned apps" section which is visible at Settings>Genral>Abbout>Applications>App Compatibility) will help developers respond more appropriately to issues and use the app store in a better way.

Phil Schiller has done a great job with the App Store since he took over - I only hope he sees the light and is able to influence the higher ups to a model of a revenue model for app upgrades.
10:44 pm — Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Circle jerk achievement unlocked.
8:55 am — Wednesday, 22 February 2017
Patrick Henry, the 2nd:
> [we] need developers to be able to generate sustainable revenue for apps.

Then you should be advocating for demos, paid upgrades, and side-loading of iOS apps.

> Circle jerk achievement unlocked.

Thought the same thing.

I'd never support Marco because he's rich, arrogant, acts morally superior, and wants to take away my rights.
5:35 pm — Wednesday, 22 February 2017
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