Anti-Google story.


And the week hasn't even started.

Only two more check boxes to go, Trump and Uber.
10:00 pm — Sunday, 5 March 2017
Not Anonymous:
Is Mr Obama trying to orchestrate a coup against President Trump?

10:02 pm — Sunday, 5 March 2017
Gruber's got a point- the way Google home renders/pronounces "coup d'etat" is pretty revolting. Sundar needs to bump that shit to the top of the 'fix it' pile if he really wants to make America great again.
1:04 am — Monday, 6 March 2017
True to form, Siri still sucks.
11:28 am — Monday, 6 March 2017
Watergate 2.

It's fucking happening.
1:51 pm — Monday, 6 March 2017
>Siri directs me to this article from ABC News, headlined “No, Former President Obama Isn’t Planning a Coup Against President Trump”.

Of course it does dum-dum.

Robert Iger, the Chairman and CEO at Disney is also on the Board of Directors at Apple.

When Disney (under Iger) bought Pixar, that made Steve Jobs the largest Disney share holder. It's safe to say he and Iger knew each other fairly well.

Disney of course owns ABC. It would make sense that given the chance, Siri would find an ABC/Disney-owned story to display.

Bing blatantly favors MSN and Yahoo for results. This isn't rocket science.
3:53 pm — Monday, 6 March 2017
Patrick Henry, the 2nd:
What a fucking non-story.
2:13 pm — Tuesday, 7 March 2017
Will the new iMacs support the new nVidia chipset?
7:13 pm — Tuesday, 7 March 2017
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