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Look at how much I post, even on a Saturday!
9:51 pm — Saturday, 18 March 2017
Merkela Gruber:
>From Waymo’s filings

Are all these people really this inept? You got this theory from their "filings"?

NEWSFLASH: Lawsuit allegations are not material facts, they are *allegations*. This really isn't a difficult concept to grasp. Stop reading whatever corporate espionage fantasy you have into this and analyze it objectively. There is no "case" to be "laid out" from lawsuit filings. Do an actual investigation or shut the fuck up until the matter is hashed out in court.
10:09 pm — Saturday, 18 March 2017
Patrick Henry, the 2nd:
But it fits the narrative! FACTS BE DAMNED UBER SUCKS.
5:39 pm — Monday, 20 March 2017
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