Paul Ryan didn't get what he wanted... who got played?
11:37 pm — Friday, 24 March 2017
Paul Ryan is the one that looks the worst on this, frankly.
11:48 pm — Friday, 24 March 2017
Four posts in just a few hours.

Looks like Johnny is priming the pump for his next post:

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12:19 am — Saturday, 25 March 2017
I'm not sure how Trump keeps getting passes on these failures. You could debate the realities of his policies but at the end the thing he *really* promised were his ability to get things done quickly through his magical negotiation skills and the winning mentality.

That is an unrealistic promise in almost any reasonable democratic system with check and balance in place but Trump has claimed, over and over, he's uniquely qualified to achieve it because he's the one who knows how to negotiate and get things done. So far we haven't seen any evidence to back up his claim other than seemingly delusional Twitter tirades and "alternative facts".

What do people see in him when he fails at the one most essential strength he sold the voters on?
12:26 am — Saturday, 25 March 2017
Vox, BuzzFeed, Politico and NYTimes all linked in one post.

John really explores the political space.
12:27 am — Saturday, 25 March 2017
Not Anonymous:
I wonder how President Trump will get on with the new Speaker of the House?
12:30 am — Saturday, 25 March 2017
John Gruber:
If anyone wants to give me money, last week and this week are wide open.

Get in touch, lets make a deal.
4:46 pm — Saturday, 25 March 2017
Mike Manafort:
Getting things done.

1:16 pm — Sunday, 26 March 2017
Spooner’s Ghost:
Why are people mad at Paul Ryan -- I thought he handled himself well! [(link)](https://twitter.com/McJesse/status/845374158850736129)
1:23 pm — Sunday, 26 March 2017
Patrick Henry, the 2nd:
This is a two star post from Grubs.
8:43 pm — Tuesday, 28 March 2017
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