>What killed Flash was Apple’s decision not to support it on iOS, combined with iOS’s immense popularity and the lucrative demographics of iOS users.

I think that's a more accurate explanation, but I still think it's inaccurate. I also think Virgil is technically correct in regards to money, but it's woefully incomplete.

I think the truth is between both of those comments: iOS not including a mobile version of Flash, the iOS platform having a higher popularity than even Jobs could've imaged, and Apple pushing for HTML5 support (all of which eventually made WebKit the dominate browser engine, which includes hat tip to Google), all helped hasten the demise of Flash—which still isn't dead, BTW.

Adobe couldn't keep up with its security issues and performance no matter how much money they wanted to throw at it and it will eventually be gone from every site that's still being updated, but that actual day is still probably years away. Even with Chrome finally dumping Flash, it's still easily called if a website needs it.
10:56 pm — Tuesday, 28 March 2017
Patrick Henry, the 2nd:
I agree with Gruber- not putting flash on iOS is what killed it.

This is a five star post from Grubs.
4:53 pm — Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Gruber the booger:
>To be clear, I don’t think Jobs’s letter killed Flash.

Grubnuts is talking about Steve Jobs, who was the CEO at Apple at the time.

>What killed Flash was Apple’s decision not to support it on iOS

You mean Steve Jobs' decision, who was CEO of Apple at the time. Which was made clear in that letter.

Nice logic John.

Sure the letter itself specifically did not kill flash. How could a letter, not even printed on paper, kill anything?

Much like how when Congress declares war the declaration itself doesn't kill any soldiers.

A gun doesn't kill. People do. Yet we talk about gun related deaths as though it's the guns that are the problem and not the person pulling the trigger.

Gruber is an intolerable wanker. He's a weasel with his words and can never ever be wrong. His fear of being wrong, let alone admitting it is astronomical.
5:06 pm — Wednesday, 29 March 2017
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