Really grasping at straws here. Every 'first look' review of the S8 is commenting on how it's nicest phone hardware the reviewer has seen or touched.

With Tim Cook at the helm, there's reason to doubt the iPhone 8 will leapfrog the competition in a significant and substantial way.
7:29 pm — Saturday, 1 April 2017
Gruber the booger:
Finally we get some thoughts from Gruber. Four days later on the S8.

Written on the backs of others as usual.

>I don’t think the back looks good

How often do you use or look the back of the phone? Sounds like a person with low self esteem who's also vain.

>the Galaxy S8 looks like it was only designed with the front face in mind

Imagine that, a company making a product that focuses on the most important part of the product.

>And the ports and speaker holes on the bottom are, as usual for Samsung, misaligned.

Seriously? Other douchebag sycophants like Rene Ritchie and Gruber gives a fuck?

What sane person gives a fuck about the bottom of a phone?

I guarantee millions of more people care that one of those useful ports is a headphone jack.

John just can't bring himself to admit is that it's a slick phone. It looks good, it's also expensive, but Samsung did alright here.

Instead lets nit pick the most non-important things, because Samsung.

The S8 hardware makes any iPhone hardware look years out of date, that is the real story here.
9:06 pm — Saturday, 1 April 2017
I've said it before but Sharp, Xiaomi, and LG have already shipped phones with small bezels ahead of Samsung.

I do agree with Gruber the Galaxy S8 is a bit awkward in places. The design doesn't seem entirely coherent around the screen.
2:10 am — Sunday, 2 April 2017
I am not surprised with so many Samdung apologist in Gruber's website. I suspect though that they don't care anything about S8 but any cheapshots at Gruber's post to satiate their ugly narcissism.
3:37 am — Monday, 3 April 2017
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