Gruber the Booger:
I can't wait for when Gruber retires and gets interviewed by The Journal:

>There were a bunch of computer columns in a lot of other newspapers, and certainly there were computer magazines, but these were all written by hard working journalists. My pitch was that I wanted to copy and paste other peoples hard work from around a week ago with little or no comment, that treated people with contempt for their intelligence and that did two things. One, it helped me do almost ZERO work. That was one of my goals. The other one was to make a shit load of money taking anything I could get from any advertiser and use the power of one of the most lazy and shitty websites and the voice that I would have from being an Apple shill. That was it. That was my idea, and it worked.

So true.
3:56 am — Monday, 17 April 2017
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