It's a free service. I mean, really ...
3:08 am — Monday, 24 April 2017
Sounds like Google.
4:41 am — Monday, 24 April 2017
Dumb Grub:
I had a go with Unroll.Me a few years back and quickly cancelled as I found something about their approach unsavory and got spooked. I think they wanted me to tweet about them or something to get access to the full service - I can't quite remember. They just had that pushy edge that made you suspicious
3:05 pm — Monday, 24 April 2017
Would you care if Uber weren't involved?
5:11 pm — Monday, 24 April 2017
the obvious unethical thing here is that unroll.me did not release the software they developed as free software, so that others can use it and improve on it.

share the software.

have they talked to stallman about this?
11:37 am — Wednesday, 26 April 2017
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