I have to admit the comments on this thread or hilarious!


I've always said google rushed android and made exactly the same mistakes microsoft did, for exactly the same reasons: chasing market share in a hurry.

now they have an unsolvable mess. And in true google fashion they will drop it all and start again and not give a shit.

4:16 pm — Monday, 17 July 2017
Gruber the Booger:
>now they have an unsolvable mess. And in true google fashion they will drop it all and start again and not give a shit.

Do you really believe that?

I think if anything Google would migrate Android to another OS as smoothly as possible like Apple did with 9 to X.

Google works on lots of things and aren't shy about the world knowing it. This is news?

Are they just going to kiss their entire Android user base away?

This is just Android hate cannon fodder.

Try using the same priced Android phone compared to an iPhone. They are both pretty nice. I do it regularly.

The differences are style points, personal preference and what ecosystem you have been locked into.

I'm locked into both.
7:13 pm — Monday, 17 July 2017
@Gruber the Booger

Android is ok for what it is. Just like Windows is ok for what it is. It does what most people need for cheap.

Is it the best product that it can be given the resources it runs on? Hell no!

iOS makes far better use of it's resources and is just better thought out.

But that doesn't make android unusable or completely shit, just makes it worse. And if you like the best and are willing to pay for it then that's what you do. If you dont mind or you need the "freedom" that android gives then thats fine.

It's just from an architectual point of view their are holes in that OS that shouldn't be there given we 30-40yrs of OS design to learn from. And once they are there, they can't be fixed because they are too deeply embeded in the OS. So it's a wrap really.

Thats why they will do something new. And to be honest, google dont care about android, they care that you're not using something that blocks you from their services. Android is just a means to an end for them. They are not doing this for some altruistic reason.

The problem they have is whether their mistakes in creating Android hinder them from taking advantage of modern hardware advances. The type that Apple can build with their inhouse chip makers and custom built OS. If android performance starts to drag way behind Apple then that will be a big headache for them and their OEM's.

But then again, maybe they dont care about that either.. who knows.. :-)
12:01 am — Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Gruber the Booger:

I don't have much to dispute what you are saying other than my point that Google has too much to lose abandoning Android.

But here I go anyway.

Is iOS slightly smoother?

Yes. Mostly. Unless you update an older device after being nagged a thousand times and then it turns into a laggy useless pile of garbage.

Is a comparably priced Android phone pretty close to a comparably priced iPhone.


Does Android do better depending on what you want? Screen size, resolution, form factor, functionality, 'freedom' or other unique at the time 'style points'?


Apple has lifted some fantastic Android features. It keeps Apple on their toes. That is good for us, the consumers.

Are Apples chips and software superior?

Yes on the chips. Apples mobile chip team is killing it. However I like the 2nd option of software.

My main point is that Google has too much skin in this game to just give it all up. Android is not abandon-ware. For instance they make enough on the play store and mobile search to not just toss it all away. Surely that should pay for future Android development.
2:36 am — Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Android's problem was choosing Java and its concomitant garbage collector, causing random hitches from its sweeps through managed memory. Especially considering the embedded nature of phones.
5:50 am — Tuesday, 18 July 2017
And like Apple's transtition from OS 9 to OS X, Google could bundle Android's successor OS with a seamless VM or other compatibility layer to transition Play Store apps, etc.
5:52 am — Tuesday, 18 July 2017
@Gruber the booger

To be fair, my points about Android being a mess are really more from a purist technical view point. Maybe most people will never realise or come into a situation where its noticeably a bad experience for them.

The thing that bugs me is that in 2017 it's still recommended that you run anti virus software on a phone with android. Thats just crazy. After all we had learnt with windows over the years, that is just silly.


But that is all because of design architecture mistakes.

As for google abandoning Android. I dont think they would do that. But I think they could do a major reboot of the OS and basically start afresh. With much of the old system being incompatible with the new one. That is VERY google. I think this new world will be much like iOS and have the walled garden thing and all the limitations iOS has that Android users hate.

The thing is, after 30yrs of OS design, only MS and Apple really know what they're are doing,because they have the pedigree and have learnt from their mistakes. Apple made the jump from os 9 to OS X that has fixed a lot of design issues at the core.
MS has had a harder time doing that because it was used by more people. But essentially they've all ended up at the same place.
A more "policed" OS is better for everyone. Because the amount of resource it drains to have an all open OS for consumers is huge.
I expect Google to come to that conclusion too.
8:36 am — Tuesday, 18 July 2017
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