Haha Grubs is fake news.

"All-new" would be pretty "obvious".
7:18 pm — Wednesday, 16 August 2017
Gruber the Booger:
Gruber is such a weasel.

It depends on what the definition of "is" is, eh Grubs?

He'll say anything and later edit his posts to avoid his own Claim Chowder.

>I wrote:

>No mention in Businessweek’s report, though, of the all-new form factor that I’ve heard is coming for this year’s new watches.

And later to cover his ass he added the edit:

>That tidbit came from an unconfirmed little birdie, though, so I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

Gruber is a man-child douchebag of the highest order.

Face it Gruber you are washed up and out of the loop.

I'm surprised he didn't find a way to hate on Gurman in this post.
7:39 pm — Wednesday, 16 August 2017
lmao that Gruber's attempt to stick a knife in Mark Gurman's back is Fake News
11:47 pm — Wednesday, 16 August 2017
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