Agreed 100% with grubs on this one.

You get to a certain point in life where a million things vie for your time and attention, and the last thing you need is buggy software that slowly wears your patience down. Pretty much every Android phone I've used (I carry one for work) does this with their "differentiating" features. Apple's stuff is by no means perfect but I've found that the occasional annoyances don't rise up to the point of making me wanting to throw the phone out the window, like the Android phones always do.
10:18 pm — Tuesday, 5 September 2017
iCloud, Siri, Apple Maps
10:40 pm — Tuesday, 5 September 2017
Right, but those are features I can and do choose to ignore, i.e. they aren't an integral part of making the phone work (for me at least). If you set your phone to unlock by iris scan and it take 5 tries every time you need to unlock it, that's going to be a pretty shitty user experience.

Imagine if Touch ID was that shitty. It's not like you can download a different Touch ID app, like you can with Maps.
11:36 pm — Tuesday, 5 September 2017
Actually iCloud, Siri and Apple Maps have totally different scale of issues in the beginning, you can't compare to this abysmal Samsung security feature. Touch ID on the other hand is pueeeerfect.
11:43 pm — Tuesday, 5 September 2017
I use Apple products but I choose to avoid iCloud, Siri, Apple Maps, Apple Mouse and others. If I used a Note 8, I wouldn't set my phone to unlock by iris scan. Some reviews say the Note 8 fingerprint scanner is OK.

Not that I'd ever by an android phone. My wife has one and it is shit. However, apple does ship features that don't work.

@sam: I don't get the "totally different scale of issues". iCloud is hard to avoid completely and still rubbish. On one Mac it asks me for the iCloud password several times each login. Compare Dropbox which is pretty good.
12:13 am — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
My Optional Name:
Not mentioned in grubs' quoted selection is the price: $950. Tomorrow's prices for yesterday's hardware. With a shitty software experience to boot. Well at least the screen is really nice!
3:32 am — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
My Optional Name:
>iCloud, Siri, Apple Maps

Yep. All 3 still suck.
3:33 am — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
Gruber the Booger:
The Note looks really nice and feels great in the hand. Go to a store and play with one. It's definitely nice. But it's just too expensive compared to what you can get in other phones for many people.

It would absolutely kill Gruber to admit it's a decent phone other than the cost and iris scanner. He must find the one thing to be negative about and dig in.

Gruber is not wrong here. He's just a typical classic smug Apple fanboy bitch about it.

I am not a fan of touch ID or iris or face scanners. I am old fashioned and use a simple PIN. But millions of people do like touch ID or the idea of iris/face recognition so I could see this being a deal breaker for some.

If this were Apple, Grubers comment would be "Seems like something that will be fixed with a software update."
4:08 am — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
you do realise that Siri is Iris backwards? Really looking forward to retinal damage from iris scanners.
4:21 am — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
"The positives outweigh the negatives to make the Note 8"

12:53 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
Gruber the Booger:
>Shipping features like this is what separates Apple from Samsung.

I think it's safe to say that NOT shipping features is what separates Apple from everyone.

Why include something when you can sell an overpriced adapter or dongle or hard drive or memory?

Apple is the absolute master at the up sell.
3:15 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
MBP battery life.
3:51 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
I agree Apple generally ships more refined (or edited) features than Samsung (open at the cost of options/customizability, etc.). But we don't know how well Apple's implementation of face scanning works yet. Maybe it has similar caveats and restrictions.
6:17 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
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