Zuckerberg for President 2020!
8:21 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
Jesus Christ. This sort of ignorant bullshit scaremongering article is exactly why I defend Facebook so fervently. I'm just like "SOMEONE has to standup for rationality against the torrent of one-sided, know-nothing-but-terrified-about-it type "reporting" on Facebook that the Twitterverse just can't get enough of."

To start, believe me, if you use gmail then Google knows a fuck of a lot more about you than Facebook does.

Meanwhile, this hit job is full of the classics (ie. when Zuckerberg was in college he made a thing to judge people by their appearance! What a shitty guy he must still be a decade or so later! — and I've apparently never used Tinder…), but completely ignores all of the contemporary examples of the actual, tangible good things Zuck is doing with his money through his foundation and his own charitable giving (building schools, hospitals, etc.) and to say nothing of Facebook's own corporate initiatives to bring free internet access to underserved locales through innovations in solar powered aircraft… Sheesh.

I can only assume this is targeted at the same folks who put black tape over their Mac's iSight cameras because of something they read on HuffPo. FFS.
8:31 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
"Enter your email address to unlock this book review for free"

Nah I'm good.
8:55 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
So what if Google does it too? That doesn't make Facebook any less pernicious or ripe for criticism.

And let's dispense with the fantasy of Zuckerberg as a philanthropist. He's buying public opinion for a future political career.
8:56 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
fake mark zuck:
facebook wants to bring internet to the underserved masses for totally selfless reasons.. and not to totally own their impression of what the internet is via initiatives like the free basics program etc

9:43 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
I hadn't fully read the article before initially commenting here (unwise). Now that I have, I still think it's got a lot of bullshit in it. But it's not nearly so bad as the bit Gruber pull quoted.
10:15 pm — Wednesday, 6 September 2017
I don't think quoting The Social Network and its fiction about Zuckerberg's lovelife or motives adds to your argument.
12:37 am — Thursday, 7 September 2017
John Gruber:
If only Apple would go back in time and buy Facebook, then it would REALLY be awesome.

R.I.P. Ping.
6:20 am — Thursday, 7 September 2017
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