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11:59 pm — Thursday, 7 September 2017
I've started coming to this Apple blog for the politics.
1:25 am — Friday, 8 September 2017
My Optional Name:
>(Ben’s Nice Mohawk is the company behind Ita, the list-making app I’ve touted many times over the years.)

Never heard of the company nor the product. I certainly don't recall seeing it touted here. And I don't believe for a moment that this thing can do what it claims. How in the fuck is someone going to check on their energy usage while away from home when no one is home and actually do something about it if "something" is out of whack? Gonna call a neighbor and ask them to figure out what you left running? And this device just sits over your meter and magically reads your energy consumption? And informs you by colored lighting? Christ, what a bunch of suckers who fell for this BS.
3:45 am — Friday, 8 September 2017
Frankly speaking:
This is an unbelievably stupid. It tells you how much energy your house is using, but has no way to break down where that usage is coming from.

All those examples on the kickstarter (oven on, etc) are bullshit. The product has no way to help you isolate where your usage is, period.

Fuck, why not just get a z-wave power meter, a smart things hub, hue, and ifttt. It's cheaper, can do more, and isn't going to go out of business in 20 days.
8:22 am — Friday, 8 September 2017
Mr. Reality:
Doesn't your monthly electric bill also tell you this information?
10:22 am — Friday, 8 September 2017
Research done in the UK shows that simply being aware of your overall usage is sufficient to reduce your energy usage. But commentary has suggested that the honeymoon period of being more careful, does not last too long.
1:49 pm — Friday, 8 September 2017
Gruber the Booger:
This is a joke right?

I mean this can't be real.

It's so stupid it's painful. But would be hilarious as an SNL sketch.

It's gotta be a joke.

>Did you forget to turn off the oven, is a space heater running in an empty room, or the curling iron still on?

Are you a complete idiot that breaths through their mouth while drooling? Do you need mommy to wipe your tushy? Get Glow.

Turn off shit you are not using like a normal human being. If you need to spend $175 and have an app for such basic tasks you are a complete moron and should not be allowed to have children.

>Inefficient/second refrigerator: $300/year

Open the fridge, use your thinker organ thingy in your head hole, remember the food inside and shut the door.

Double your savings using this same technique with your second fridge.

>Continuously running dehumidifier: $250/year

Lots people live in areas where mold and humidity are problems. Like the 20 million people who live in Florida for example. How does this help?

If you are unnecessarily running a dehumidifier you are a complete moron.

>Water heater oversetting: $60/year

Does not work for gas.

>Poorly sized HVAC system: $200-600/year

Does not work for gas.

>Unreplaced incandescent bulb: $5-$15/year

Gee, maybe just replace bulbs as they burn out with more efficient ones. Or pay $175 for a conversation starter.

>Doesn't your monthly electric bill also tell you this information?

Yep. Yes it does.

>kilowatt-hours are confusing, and graphs take time to read.

But pay for our device and app.

Looking at the number that comes after the $ symbol on the bill every month is incredibly difficult.

So we used color.

Jesus motherfucking Christ. You've got to be kidding me.

Turn off shit you aren't using. Put on clothes when cold. Take off clothes when hot.

There I just saved everyone reading this $500 a year. Now give me $175.

Dumbest shit I have seen in a while.
2:41 pm — Friday, 8 September 2017
Frankly speaking:
This is what home automaton is for. Buy some smart plugs, measure the power of the various devices, then make a decision.

Knowing your house's total energy usage is pretty worthless overall. I mean, you get a bill every month.

Plus you may be able to see hourly energy usage data on your electric provider's website. Check.
3:28 pm — Friday, 8 September 2017
I dunno, I don't think it's as dumb as the comments here are saying. The part about saying you want to spend $100 a month on electricity, and then it warns you when you're getting close, is kind of neat. I wouldn't buy the thing and it probably doesn't work as well as the video shows, but I can think of worse ways to spend $175...like that time keeper thing from that Mark guy that cost 20k.
6:00 pm — Friday, 8 September 2017
Frankly speaking:
What are you going to do when you get to $100, stop using electricity?
1:46 pm — Sunday, 10 September 2017
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