Frankly speaking:
Isn't this like the dog licking its own balls?

Reporters confirming the URLs were leaked to websites. You mean someone didn't brute-force the Apple download site? That's real journalism, Lou.
10:36 pm — Sunday, 10 September 2017
Legion of Bad Ideas:
A team of psychics didn't discover the URL and provide it to macrumors?

How shocking.
10:50 pm — Sunday, 10 September 2017
what kind of retard would leak something like this? and especially over email. i hope this person does get shitcanned, hard.
10:51 pm — Sunday, 10 September 2017
Shocking, nope. At the very least it build up more questions than answers. So all good for Tuesday.
11:39 pm — Sunday, 10 September 2017
Gruber the Booger:
>That person should be ashamed of themselves,

Because they didn't leak it to Gruber the super duper pooper scooper?

Gruber would have killed for this scoop.

>and should be very worried when their phone next rings.

Gruber writes like shit on a bathroom stall. He should be ashamed of structuring that sentence.

Also why should 'they' be worried? Sounds like Gruber is making threats his non-source birdie already cashed.

And he mentioned D22 again. How many more times do we need Gruber to mention D22?

God he is so cool with his D22.
12:01 am — Monday, 11 September 2017
Gruber the Booger:
>I wish I could say more about how I know what I know

Searching Fuck Fuck Go and hitting all the websites like any toothless mouth-breathing moron?

It's not that Gruber wishes he could say more about what he knows.

It's that he is embarrassed he didn't previously know what he now knows.

Because he didn't get the scoop.

D22 everybody!
12:15 am — Monday, 11 September 2017
you're missing the point of this post.

12:44 am — Monday, 11 September 2017
Apple Corps:
I would kill to work at Apple, and this r-word nukes a huge product launch? Jeez, just quit your job if you don't like it.

And Gruber never would have published this if it had been emailed to him. The reason it went to MacRumors and 9to5 is because they don't worship Apple the same way John does. John genuinely loves the magic of a product launch, and would preserve that at all cost. I would too, frankly.

I hope this disgruntled leaker gets fired, HARD. Then sued.
2:59 am — Monday, 11 September 2017
Funny af how upset groober is about this leak. Samsung leaks? He laps it up. Whitehouse leaks? Loves it.

5:19 am — Monday, 11 September 2017
Darling Felcherballs:

"Prominent Apple blogger John Grubber..."

The Daily Mail get it.

2:30 pm — Monday, 11 September 2017
There you have it, folks. Confirmation that Daring Fireball is not a place to find scoops aka "spoilers" on Apple — because it'd be shameful of anyone to leak information to John. It's a fan blog where you can watch John capitalize on other people's hard work while trashing them simultaneously. Keep your ad blockers on when visiting this one.
7:22 pm — Monday, 11 September 2017
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