Darling Felcherballs:
From the CNBC story:

"The Taiwanese company builds the Google Pixel, which means it could be a good fit for Google as it continues to cater to consumers with its "Pixel" smartphone brand. Here's where it sounds off base: Google acquired Motorola Mobility and then sold it off just a couple of years later. Why repeat that move?"

Shrewd Apple-watcher Grub's unique, insightful, expert additional commentary added to the CNBC story:

"This isn’t shocking — Google is obviously interested in making its own hardware. But I wonder how they think this will go differently from their Motorola fiasco?"

The fat, drunk parasite really can't be bothered.

What really smarts is his preaching smugness about 'the state of' online advertising, and that Prince Grubs can do it subtly, without draining too many resources, so why can't ordinary news sites? Answer? Because they have to pay actual reporters to do actual reporting, and all you have to do is fund your parasitical business model, and keep yourself in Martini breakfasts.
8:31 am — Tuesday, 12 September 2017
Gruber the Booger:
>But I wonder how they think this will go differently from their Motorola fiasco?

Was Motorola a fiasco?

Google walked away with a boatload of patents for a few billion.

It's hard for Gruber to wrap his head around because thinking is hard. In the long run the Motorola deal was not a fiasco for Google.

But I am sure Google will fuck this up somehow in Grubers eyes because they are not Apple and amazing and magical.

Apple invested close to $3 Billion in LG OLED and Samsung is the single supplier. Well played Apple, well played.

Much like Apples investment in LG, Google paying for Motorola patents was an investment on the future. But Gruber is too much of a fanboy and obtuse to understand these things.
12:49 pm — Tuesday, 12 September 2017
I really hope they don't. HTC is the only Android handset maker with any taste.
1:23 am — Thursday, 14 September 2017
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