Blimey, John. That's quite close to being criticism, you know. Careful there, old chap.

Anyway, we now know that the only way to transfer non-store stuff that you already have is the manual, drag-drop method. You can wave goodbye to doing that ever again for future purchases you make though, because it's all done from iOS from now on. Worse yet, iBooks--which has always been shit--will now be confined to Apple's cloud. You'll never be able to download and maintain your book collection locally. iTunes for Windows was the last refuge for that, until now. Now it's gone.

It's all about tightening the restraints, IMO, and not making iTunes better software.
9:26 am — Wednesday, 13 September 2017
Legion of Bad Ideas:
This has screwed all of us who manage a bunch of family devices.

App management on the device pretty much sucks. It sucked less doing it in iTunes.

1:32 pm — Wednesday, 13 September 2017
So now there's no easy way to pull apps open on a desktop machine and introspect them for assets and URL schemes? That's not ideal.
3:53 pm — Wednesday, 13 September 2017
Vanilla Dry Ice:
Fuck iTunes.

Apple should be taken to task more often for this crud-filled leviathan piece of shit.

If Panic Software released this bloated beach whale, we'd call for their death. Since it's Apple, we treat it like a pair of Tiffany cufflinks.
4:44 pm — Wednesday, 13 September 2017
even as a player

I can't use itunes for shit, wheter on osx or ios

I have no fucking idea what this thing does

is it playing a track, looping it ?
or looping what it thinks is an album ?
or shuffling everything ?
or going through tracks in alpha order ?

no fucking idea

is this a cover ? a button ? will I pause the track when I touch it ? open the details of the album ?

no fucking idea, and by the time I will have one, an update will make it disappear

like tears in the rain
7:36 pm — Wednesday, 13 September 2017
iOh Ess:
Uh, I agree with Legion. I manage a ton of devices, and using iTunes is way easier than doing it on-device, especially if you own hundreds of apps.
8:22 pm — Thursday, 14 September 2017
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