Ironically, the DuckDuckGo link on this post is a tracking link.

Oh well, why let the facts get in the way of a great public relation's story, right?
12:42 pm — Monday, 23 October 2017
Grubology 101:
He saw your comment and fixed it, I think.
5:45 pm — Monday, 23 October 2017
Guys, I think we should all chip in to the Save Gruber fund. He's currently only bringing in $8,000 a week, tops, from sponsorships. A few years ago, it was [http://daringfireballwithcomments.net/web/linked/2014/10/09/more-df-rss-feed-sponsorship-openings}($9,500).

$8,000 only goes so far when you've got a wife, kid, and whiskey habit to support. Not to mention all Gruber's charitable giving (the Democratic Party is a charity, right?).

Anyway, let's give the the less fortunate. And we've all seen Gruber's pictures; he is pretty unfortunate.
8:24 pm — Monday, 23 October 2017
John Gruber:
Uh, I don't read these comments! Are you kidding? How could I live with myself if I did?

Check out the second half of this post for my pretentious "comment" philosophy: https://daringfireball.net/2010/06/whats_fair
8:24 pm — Monday, 23 October 2017
Duck Off:
I love Duck Duck Go. It's too bad their name is so stupid, because the service they provide is very valuable. Anonymity on the web is only going to get more important and more difficult.

Change your default search engine to Duck Duck GO and don't look back. Screw you, Google.
3:40 pm — Tuesday, 24 October 2017
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