Look, here is the one example it is better.

Case closed.
7:02 pm — Wednesday, 1 November 2017
It does seem fast. The way the screen flashes looks like a real mess though.
7:22 pm — Wednesday, 1 November 2017
omg stop contorting yourselves to convince folks face ID was a good idea. They dropped a more convenient feature (touch ID) for one which allows them to achieve the edge-to-edge display - period. It's really that simple. It was a compromise. This whole narrative of "Apple can do no wrong" has gotten out of hand.
11:42 am — Thursday, 2 November 2017
Patrick Henry, the 2nd:
> It was a compromise.

Exactly. I certainly can see how FaceID can be better in some ways. But its not better in all ways, and I believe overall TouchID is better.
5:36 pm — Thursday, 2 November 2017
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