John Gruber:
Why did this require an outcry first? How did they not anticipate the outcry beforehand?
12:46 am — Saturday, 11 November 2017
Gruber's on a roll this week pushing out the content. Just needed Gurman to get a couple scoops out to get him fired up.

Still no comment on either of those two big Gurman stories, btw.
1:08 am — Saturday, 11 November 2017
Gruber the Booger:
@John Gruber

I agree this shouldn't be how a company does business, but companies behave this way all of the time, including Apple.

Think about how many times a company won't take action until someone with enough followers bitches on Twitter.
1:31 am — Saturday, 11 November 2017
John Gruber:
@Gruber the Booger — Good point. I guess I keep forgetting which world I live in.
11:28 pm — Saturday, 11 November 2017
i have a shoebox full of airport express units that the current version of airport utility refuses to work with. apple sure didn't offer any kind of tradein deal on those.
3:41 pm — Monday, 13 November 2017
iTunes on my blackBook running Snow Leopard won't talk to my iPhone 5. It's like it was bricked!
2:10 am — Tuesday, 14 November 2017
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