Johnny Grubstein:
>This is like Philip Morris introducing officially licensed candy cigarettes.

No, it isn't. At all.
10:51 pm — Monday, 4 December 2017
If smoking was a fundamental part of modern life the way communicating with apps is, then yeah, *maybe* it'd be like Philip Morris trying to get kids hooked on their brand of cancer sticks over Camel's or whatever. But seeing as there is basically *no* similarity between smoking and messaging, the anything-Facebook-does-is-evil-or-worse members of the Twitteratti seem to be having trouble seeing things clearly.
11:17 pm — Monday, 4 December 2017
Candy fags are nothing like the real thing. I say this as a guy that snuck a candy fag as often as he could, as did many if not most of my friends. None of us smoke.
12:51 am — Tuesday, 5 December 2017
Dumb metaphor for a real problem.
2:43 am — Tuesday, 5 December 2017
Alt Center:
What about giving your kids iphones groobenstein?
5:08 am — Tuesday, 5 December 2017
This is one of those times where Gruber's pithy comments really leave me with a big question mark over my head. He clearly feels strongly about this but has done no work toward communicating why. It's lazy and disappointing – and I say this as a fan who generally appreciates even his short takes. It would have been better for him not even to have posted the link or to have done so without comment.
1:23 am — Wednesday, 6 December 2017
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