Patrick Henry, the 2nd:
This is fucking stupid. There is nothing wrong with social media. Its actually very useful to connect people.

The problem is we've had a shitty government education system teaching our kids to be mindless outrage drones. The exact system you support Grubs.

This post is just Grubs making himself feel good about being in the dark about Facebook.

Also, the football players are fucking stupid too.
10:46 pm — Monday, 11 December 2017
Is it any wonder this wisdom was achieved by someone from India, unindoctrinated by progressivism?

Concern for how well the social fabric is wearing is deeply conservative, with the smallest of Cs.

Progressive social campaigns and unrestrained 'market society' reforms are radical attacks on our cultural endowment. The former comes from the left and the latter from the right, but both harbor utopian fantasies as to how to rebuild society.

Accelerating technological change is no less dangerous. Without the social shifts necessary to allow people – individually and collectively – to cope as progress ripples through a society, we founder.
10:53 pm — Monday, 11 December 2017
John, you keep after FB as if FB is the problem. It is PEOPLE that use social media that are the problem, not the media itself. The media doesn't pull the trigger or hit the like button or spew nastiness, it is people.

Social media is a necessary evil and it is being used by necessary villains and is being encouraged by people. If people could build a life separate from it, good on them. But it is the nature of people's communication lives to want to gossip, to hide behind veils, and to put on errs.

It is not FB. It is people.
1:18 am — Tuesday, 12 December 2017
When will "ban people" become part of the progressive platform? Shall we take bets?
1:32 am — Tuesday, 12 December 2017
Morons R Us:
When idiots believe everything they read, bad things happen.

And anyway, it wasn't even on FB, it was on WhatsApp. I mean WTF, at least he could stick to his own fucking platform.
5:13 am — Tuesday, 12 December 2017

People and thoughts are already being banned.
10:51 am — Tuesday, 12 December 2017
Looks like I don't even need to chime in to call bullshit on how stupid this post was. As if lawless twitter isn't the actual problem. Where is all the ISIS recruiting, gamer gate fuckos, child predators, porn, bullying, etc? Oh right, on the 4chan with training wheels known as twitter. That shit isn't allowed on the "evil" facebook platform John, et al. are all so concerned about. Sheesh.
3:43 pm — Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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