Grubology 101:
Gruber's naïveté here is mindboggling. Reminds me of when he stated "Twitter is afraid of pissing off Trump." He just does not understand how the world works. Did he grow up on Disney or D.C. comics, or something?
10:19 pm — Wednesday, 3 January 2018
Trump's true superpower is making people completely losing their mind. Yglesias is a fool, and has been since his early blogging days, but this is especially unhinged.

I don't even particularly like Trump, but our media slobbered all over Obama. Nary a peep about this resembling state media.

And I don't mean to blame Obama for all our woes, but many of Yglesias' examples of problems that Trump ignores didn't pop into existence when he assumed the presidency. Nary a peep about Obama contributing to or ignoring these.

Cable news, Fox or otherwise, is not an ideal source for news. But an even worse source, an even more propagandistic source, is Vox. This piece is deranged, tin-foil hat ranting.

If given a choice between Trump and the Yglesias commentariat, I'll go with Trump.
1:15 am — Thursday, 4 January 2018
If that's the choice, I'd just as soon jump off a cliff.
1:25 am — Thursday, 4 January 2018
>But an even worse source, an even more propagandistic source, is Vox

And an even worse source than Vox is Daring Fireball.
8:32 am — Thursday, 4 January 2018
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