Patrick Henry, the 2nd:
Yes we know your wife has terrible taste. She married you after all.
10:50 pm — Thursday, 4 January 2018
grube's wife likes the hockey puck mouse?

she must have small hands.
12:30 am — Friday, 5 January 2018
No one liked the hockey puck mouse.
4:45 am — Friday, 5 January 2018
Know Nothing:
I didn't mind the hockey puck either, and was surprised when I eventually saw the universal vitriol toward it online.
5:09 pm — Friday, 5 January 2018
the iPod nano 5 was literally and physically peak iPod.

16GB! FM radio! cover flow! video! camera! range of colours!

best nano ever. best iPod ever.

The fat nano, not so much.
4:24 am — Saturday, 6 January 2018
Hairy Lime:
I hated the hockey puck mouse because you couldn't tell easily which way was up.

I like the fat nano and actually use one on my commute. The software was always shit (it never gracefully managed to sync lots of contacts), but the size is good for holding in your palm.
12:52 pm — Monday, 8 January 2018
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